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The rental price for the weekend, from 19-00 Friday to 12: 00 Monday, is based on the cost of the two weekend days. If You decide to take advantage of this offer you need to keep in mind that if you are late you will need to pay the cost of a weekday rental. If weekend more than 2 days, the cost is calculated similarly, i.e. the calculation is performed only the number of weekend days and holidays and does not count the day till the weekend while receiving after 19:00 and the day after the weekend upon returning the equipment.

Equipment can be rented from 19-00 to 10-00 across tha day with a half-day payment. You can also rent equipment for 2.5 days, 3.5 days, etc. If You decide to take advantage of this offer you need to keep in mind that when you are late the cost can be recalculated in two days.

When you order for more than a week the cost of the rental day is calculated as a week divided by seven.

For a rental period of more than two weeks additional discount is 10%.

For regular customers a discount of 5% on rental cost after the conclusion of 5 contracts of hire.

After 10 contracts, the discount will be 10%.

For students of art schools 20% discount on all contracts upon presentation of a student card.

We also offer project discounts. If You need equipment for a long term project, please contact us and we will provide additional discount on the project.

At the conclusion of the rental contract is only one discount: discount for long term rental, personal or project.