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Sennheiser ew100 G3 radio audio system

The Sennheiser ew 100 ENG G3 Wireless Microphone Combo System is the latest addition to Sennheiser's Evolution family of wireless microphones. The UHF wireless microphone system features 1,680 tunable frequencies, 21 frequency banks and 12 frequency presets per bank. The EK 100 G3 receiver is made of a durable metal enclosure and features a full functional LED display. The receiver features a 1/8" unbalanced TRS mini output for quick connection to camcorders. The receiver features 4 preset memory locations that can be reassigned to any of the 1,680 available frequencies, within the 42 MHz tuning range.

Batteries not included

Technical specification

RF Carrier Frequency Range A (516-558 MHz)
Overall Frequency Response 40 Hz - 18 kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio Greater than 110 dB
Squelch Off / Low / Medium / High
Battery Type/Approx. Life (transmitter or reciever) 2x AA Batteries, 8 - 10 hours
Display Backlit LCD Display
Mounting Options Camera / Belt
Type of Microphone ME 2 Lavalier Microphone
Polar Pattern Omnidirectional
Working day 490 q
Holiday 590 q
Weekly price 3200 q
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Supplied with

  • Microphone
  • XLR-Jack 3.5 cable
  • 3.5 Jack-Jack 3.5 cable
  • Camera shoe adapter (if needed)